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My passion is in style, I will share with this blog some of my inspirations...
The Beginning: 1986 at the age of 16, I have purchased my first french Vogue, hundreds of Magazines followed.... With 17 I learned about the fashion industry as a model to fund my studies which I finished 1996. During many years in the medical technology business I was traveling all over the world especially to metropoles like London, Paris, Milan, New York where I did meet with wonderful and stylish people who inspired me.
As a perfectionist I am searching constantly for the perfect blazer, the perfect jeans, perfect tops, best products for my skin, hair. Often, my friends and business people are asking for my personal advice in terms of their choice of purchasing clothes, shoes, bags etc. This was the initial idea to start with my blog in September 2015. 
I hope you will like my blog with a kind of summary of all those years of research to find timeless styles as well as interesting new trends to combine with. I would feel very happy, if you enjoy my blog!
Feel free to send inputs and feedbacks or further things you would like to see on my blog via contact. I will be more than happy reading those and certainly try to reply to all of them.
On instagram "elianeporchet" you will find also regular posts which are not always identical to my blog. Have fun looking at those as well!
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