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personal items

Personal items are really like the word itself very personal. Everybody is unique and therefore the preferences are very different. I consider myself as a very feminine and classical person. I like soft fabrics like cashmere and silk on my body. The hair and makeup looks a bit "undone". For parfum I use at the moment the Manifesto from YSL but the bottle is not really photogenic, therefore I have taken a picture of the Beige from Chanel, which I also like and use. Finally I have found "THE" sunglasses! All my others are in the drawer since I have discovered garrettleight. For the feet I use colour on my nails, most of the time the rouge noir from Chanel or OPI F15. The nails on my hands I leave natural with babydoll colour very thin gel nails. With the job, kids and house I do not have time for daily manicure, the gel stays perfect for 3 weeks!

Eliane Porchet's personal items

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