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Let's talk rosé and pink!

Hello Everyone!

I hope, you have a good Sunday! I was thinking to write about my thoughts about what happens right now in the world. But my thoughts are extremely strong and i am very sceptical about our system of democratic rule of law in this case....Therefore I rather share with you some nice inspirations and not use this platform for political attitudes....

Pink is such a positive, sweet and kind of innocent colour. Strange, but this makes me thinking and praying for all those innocent victims, just because of the colour. Maybe I can send my love and positive energy to all of you via this.....let's try!

source: pinteret

Eliane Porchet - rosepink jumper with white blouse

Eliane Porchet - pink cashmere jumper

Eliane Porchet - long rose evening dress

Eliane Porchet - long rose coat

Eliane Porchet - Claudia Schiffer pink longdress

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