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Skirts! combine it cool.

Hello everyone!

I have found some images to show you my way of wearing a pencil skirt. My friends often raise the question, where do you go shopping, where do you find your clothes? I think it is the matter of HOW you wear your do you combine your items to make them look "like you are a parisienne". F.e. I am never "overloaded", only one "statement" piece. A cashmere coat together with a topshop sweater instead of a silk blouse. A t-shirt with high quality leather pants, again instead of a silk blouse. High-end items from f.e. gucci in combination of secodhand, h&m, zara, mango etc. And, I love those french midprice brands like maje, comptoirdescottoniers, les kooples etc.

Just add to a bling bling glitter skirt a simple t-shirt or a blouse and combine it with high heels and a clutch. Very cool! Or a pencilskirt with a casual-style blouse looks elegant but not lady-like and old for work....have a quick look at my inspirations...

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Source: Pinterest

Eliane Porchet PencilSkirtTshirt

Eliane Porchet TheyallHateus

Eliane Porchet LongGlitterBlouse

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