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At the moment I am very into those FauxFur light coats! I am not a fan of real Fur as I love any kind of Animal. OK, if I am not wearing real fur, I should also commit to no make-up with animal tests, no medicine with animal tests, no food from animals, no leather shoes etc. etc. This is another topic...

Those FauxFur Coats are a funny alternative and really trendy! I love them, you can already find them for little budget. In Switzerland, you find them everywhere....

Personally I have to be careful, as with my age of 45, a woman should have found her style. Therefore I am really minimal with some trendy stuff, but inside I am still 25 ;). The FauxFur I combine with really casual jeans and boots. A black one with leatherpants and booties is also ok. At younger age you can use such a piece

Eliane Porchet - Faux Fur

Eliane Porchet - Light Coats

Eliane Porchet Faux Fur

Eliane Porchet - Faux Fur

Eliane Porchet FauxFur

image source: Pinterest

with everything.

Maybe I inspire you? Have fun with those pictures!

Sincerely Yours,


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